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Our History

Our story starts here in Sagamore where we constructed a food truck back in 2013. We took it to the island of Hawaii, the Big Island, to a town called Volcano.

Fortunately, we were a hit!


Now for the big question: why leave??


The answer: family issues! Nothing bad, just a choice. Being 5000 miles away can be challenging at times!

It has all worked out for the better and we are very lucky to have found this location in Monument Beach. 

Thank you to all the community who have been very welcoming and supportive. It truly feels like home.


Our love of great Thai food...

William is a professionally-trained chef. Originally from Thailand, William moved to the Big Island and studied culinary arts there. He has also worked at some of Boston’s great restaurants including the Intercontinental. He has won many awards for his cooking and his passion shows in the results. One can tell when the person cooking their food enjoys what he is doing!


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